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App Name Vidmate App
File Size 7.03 MB
Version 3.34
Developer Vidmate
Downloads 70,00,000+
Update 17-07-2018

Vidmate is a simple Android app just like Tubemate that helps the users to stream or download their favourite music files, videos, movies, television series or online series from the different social media platforms such as Twitter, FB, YouTube, etc. The Vidmate install app is the choice of a lot of people who are looking to download videos or other multimedia files for free of cost. Just like TubeMate this video downloader is absolutely free and is very easy to be downloaded with a simple click.

Vidmate downloader is a versatile app which has been introduced by Alibaba. They have various other apps such as UC Browser, 9Apps, etc.

The app is as popular as the Tubemate app and helps the users in not just downloading their favourite videos from the video sharing websites but it also offers some wonderful features too. The features of this app like the Tubemate app are versatile and exclusive. With Vidmate install old version you get the freedom of choosing the quality of your videos. It provides high quality videos such as HD 1080P and lower quality videos too in case your internet connection is slow. So the app is free and quite useful.

HD video downloader for Android is a popular app which is meant for downloading the latest videos from the internet in several countries such as Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. With the ever rising demand of the smartphones, number of videos on the internet is increasing day by day. It has become a huge source of entertainment for people. Considering all these things, the Vidmate app was developed for the users who are looking for some indoor entertainment. Apart from the wonderful features, Vidmate is a very small size app and also consumes less space on the Android device. Due to its small size, the app works perfect even with low end Android smartphones. With the Vidmate app you can download videos and content from 20 different websites. You can search and even download music files, and videos. Downloading the videos from the app is a very easy task. You just need to find the video you are looking for from the 20 different platforms. Choose the video that you want to watch and download. Just hit the download tab and the process of download would start instantly.

Another useful feature of Vidmate online is that it offers a quick download speed to its users. This means that even with your 2G internet connection you’re audio or video file would be downloaded with just a couple of seconds.

Download Vidmate App Free from 9App APK Store

Vidmate 2018 download

Vidmate is a very popular app available in the Android marketplace meant for downloading songs and videos online. It was introduced in 2011 and ever since has attracted more than 500 million downloads. The developers of the app constantly update it for correcting the bugs and increasing the overall performance. So, this year as well, the developers launched the app’s latest version. It is faster, lighter and extremely user friendly.

Features of the Vidmate app

Now a day, you will find a wide range of Android apps available in the market. It’s become quite difficult to select the best app from the wide variety. So, for deciding the app that you should install on your device for downloading the audio and video files without paying anything, you may explore some wonderful features of the app. After exploring all its features you would be left amazed.

Below are some of the amazing features of this extremely versatile app that the users may enjoy:

  1. Let’s the user download videos in high quality- this is considered to be one of the most important features that has made it extremely popular. It also lets you find your favourite videos from the internet with one single click. Once you have found the video of your choice, you are also allowed to select the quality of the video in which you would like to download it. With so many plans available now, people have got 4G internet speed. So, now they are looking to download HD quality content only. This app also allows you to download HD quality videos. It helps the users download the HD quality media files from different websites such as Instagram, YouTube, FB, YoDesi, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymoon, Metacafe, Beak and a number of other international websites.
  2. Download any number of videos- there is no limit to downloading the videos. You all would have noticed that when you download multiple videos and movies from similar source, the websites apply some downloading restrictions. But, the Vidmate app does not put any such restrictions. You may download as many videos, movies, songs as you like and that too altogether.
  1. Wonderful technology for enabling faster download-with Vidmate download 2018, the video downloader got some wonderful downloading technology that helps you download videos and movies at fast and high speed. This is another amazing feature of the app that the users enjoy.
  2. Small size- it’s a wonderful thing that the app offers such wonderful features. The size of the app is just 6MB. Thus, this entertainment package would take very less space on your device and would serve you the best of everything.
  3. Neat and easy user friendly interface- user interface of the app is neat and very easy. Even if it’s your first time with the app, it would not take you much time to completely understand the features and functionality of the app. It’s an easy and simple to use app.

As already mentioned, the Vidmate app is only 6MB in size, it works perfectly on low end Android devices.

The video downloading app has a built in Media player which lets the users watch movies, videos, songs, etc.

It is a free of cost app which helps the users download any video without paying anything on their smartphone. You can’t really download the app from the Playstore. But you may download the .APK file first and then download the video. Even when you download the .AP file there are certain tweaks which you need to do in the settings of your phone for using it properly.

Download the app for PC

Vidmate download is the Android app which helps the users to download videos, movies and songs. It offers non-stop entertainment with unlimited videos, songs and movies. It has been designed mainly for iOS and Android users. However it’s even available for desktop computers for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. You just need to have bluestacks Android emulator on your device for Vidmate install on your computer. Once bluestacks has been installed on your device, the process of installation of the app would begin.

So if you are also looking for an app to download your favourite videos, then go for Vidmate download jio phone. You will get the opportunity of enjoying unlimited videos without any interruptions. The best part is that you get to choose the quality of the videos as per the system of your device. So it lets you watch and download videos in low quality as well as HD quality. The choice is yours.  Just download it today and enjoy yourself with unlimited, non-stop entertainment.

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