What is Tubemate?

The Tubemate application has been developed by Davien Studios. It has been launched specially for those persons who love to watch videos and movies on their devices. Even though, The Tubemate doesn’t actually let you play and watch Toutube videos however it provides a threshold to the user to download them on their Android mobile device.

It is useful for the user in downloading videos of their choice from Youtube and play them after that. The users are able to watch the videos even if the internet connection would very weak such as while traveling. You might only desire saving your data package, by the reason of that there are many users who like to watch videos online but do not actually want to waste their data for the same.

It devotes quicker downloading technology to download the movies and videos in the background at the same time as you can use your device for any other work amidst the whole process. You will get the option of choosing the format of your videos for downloading such as HD, Mp4 or 3gp.

Option of converting the video files into Mp3 format will be provided as well. The Tubemate apk even provides the videos of different resolutions according to the compatibility of your device like Full HD (1920×1080) videos on your High proccessor devices to 3gp (320×240) videos on low processor devices, 640×360 for normal Android devices. However, all the resolution options are rely straightly on the videos’ quality, which are uploaded initially on Youtube and the reconcilability of the device, on which the video will have to be downloaded.

This apk is totally free of cost and it is the most excellent thing abut it. Another benefit of the app is that it is extremely user friendly and that’s why it is so popular. You just need to make sure that you download the app from a reliable and trustworthy source so that you don’t have to face any problems later.

TubeMate is a YouTube downloader in which you can use the app in order to download videos directly from YouTube mate into your mobile phone.

Specifications Of Tubemate –

File Size 7.5MB
Type Media & Video
Version 1.2
Require Android4.0.3 or later
Star rating 4+


Downloads 67,00,000 +
Update 2018-01-22

Tubemate Download APK 2018 

There is a huge reason why the video downloader has the interface which is quite similar to official YouTube app. It is mainly because the version of the app meant for the Android devices accesses the YouTube app as overlay. Since you will be choosing a video for downloading, you will have 2 options i.e. to either watch the video there itself or to download it for watching it later. And as you will be using the app for downloading, you just need to click on green arrow which is placed on bottom of the screen. You will then find a pop up, which would offer 2 options to you i.e. watch or download.

Even though this apk allow the operator to make him download the videos in several formats, and it rely on the source of the video. Also, there’re a number of other streaming options that are quite similar to what’s offered to you while you download any video. Whatever video you download from this apk, saves automatically in the default video folder with MP4 format.

The 3GP format videos also are able to be download as well from this apk. Nevertheless, the outcome of the audio sound can be changed depending on the quality of the format of the genuene video. Because of that the audio quality may be low according to the frame quality of the video but still, it would be euophonious. Similar to the MP4 files, the MP3 files downloaded by this apk, are going to save in MP3 folder of your device.

Tubemate for Android Mobile

The user is able to find, download, and watch the videos on his Android handset by using Tubemate Youtube Downloader, and this is free of cost. Therefore, you just only need to download this apk for download and watch your favorite videos on your Android handset.

This apk does not only give you a threshold of searching and downloading the bunch of your favorite videos at once but also you can watch the videos online devoiding of downloading them. The user is able to organize its personified playlist of videos for acquiring other info regarding the titles of the videos, albums, youtuber and further more with the Tubemate Downloader. It is absolutely adaptable by means of about all the online surfing and video downloading websites and also is able to maintain many downloading files at one time plus conserves a huge part of time, with the reason of that you do not require to wait until the end of the downloading video earlier than staring any other one.

Through the apk, you are able to put the process of downloading on pause or resume it later. If you accidentally cancel the download, it also proves to be very helpful. This is a must use apk if you are looking for such an app for downloading any video from youtube straight to your android device. For installing the app which isn’t available on Google’s Play store, you need to first configure the device for downloading 3rd party applications. If you have used youtube app earlier then there would be no trouble in using Tubemate apk because it is pretty similar to the Youtube and you are able to download the video as well. You only have to tap on the symbol of the magnifying glass top-right on the screen and search for the videos you would like to download.

Tubemate for IOS Devices

All the people who love downloading and watching videos on their iPhone spend a lot of time watching the videos on the online platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, etc. Unfortunately, we do not always have an access to the reliable good speed net connection and thus we have to wait for a good amount of time for buffering it especially when you wish to watch videos which are of good quality. It will be wonderful to have the ability of downloading them when you have faster and free of cost internet connection for watching them later. Tubemate is the app which is meant for iPhone and the Android devices which come handy for such purposes.

You might already know that the TubeMate app for iOS isn’t available on AppStore yet but there’s a very powerful alternate which has the similar functionality and more than that. It is even known as TubeMate HD and it’s available on iTunes.

The iOS version of the Tubemate apk assists in playing the videos devoid of any trouble and smoothly in.

You are able to download any kind of video from Youtube and Vimeo with any quality you want. The user is able to horse up the downloading files on Apple handsets, and can pause or resume the downloading video. Therefore, you will get the advantage of download videos on your iOS or Android devices and watch them whenever you desire even devoid of an internet connection.

Features of TubeMate for iOS

  • It supports all possible iOS devices like iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, iPads, etc.
  • TubeMate2.2.7-652.apk is the leading apk for watching and downloading videos on your device. It is the A-1 apk for downloading videos from YouTube and other video sites as well.
  • The quality of each video is smooth and vigorous but only if the source of the video provide the best quality.
  • Easy to use and eye-catching interface.
  • TubeMate2.2.7-652.apk maintain a huge hoard of videos. This apk provides the biggest assortment of videos from numerous video websites.
  • Download full HD videos. You are able to download videos from 3gp (176*144) to HD (1280*720) or even full HD (1920*1080) !!
  • TubeMate2.2.7-652.apk can save the videos to your device directly so you can watch your favorite videos even if you do not have internet connection.
  • This apk provides good downloading speed therefore, install TubeMate2.2.7-652.apk for free in order to download videos with the good speed and less amount of data.
  • You can download many videos simultaneously at once devoid of compromising with the quality of the videos i.e. Manifold downloads of your favorite videos at a time.
  • Because of very small size of the app, Tubemate does not cover a large amount memory. This apk cover less RAM in compared to the other video downloading apks.
  • Successive loaded with the most recent videos. Consequently, you will not undergo deficiency of diverse kinds of videos.

Tubemate for Windows Free Video Downloader

If you want to install Tubemate Video Downloader for your PC then it is very troublefree and fast to download. This apk is able to download for Windows XP, 7,8,8.1, and Windows 10 as well.

The Tubemate apk is well-recognised all over the globe and it is very useful for downloading the videos. It is a very popular app. Numerous video downloading apks are downloadable on the world wide web, which can be used in downloading Youtube Videos. Nevertheless, Tubemate has some additional lineaments as compared to it’s rip-offs. It contain all the lineaments that a person needs.

Key features of TubeMate for Windows:

  • These are some of the key features of the TubeMate app for Windows
  • It offers a very fast downloading mode
  • Manifold quality resolutions are accessible to download countless videos from Youtube
  • You can work on the background
  • It offers resuming capability for downloading
  • It’s absolutely free of cost

The app has many outstanding features on the effortless to use interface of the apk.So these are some of the top features of the TubeMate app which make it the best in the industry. This apk work smoothly and faster than other apps available in the same category. It has proved that It is the best app for downloading videos on devices of Windows Softwares. You must download and install this apk if you love downloading and watching videos on your device.

Tubemate for PC, laptop, Computer

TubeMate for laptop, computer and PC is known to be one of the best entertainment apps. You can watch videos, movies, etc. directly from the personal computer or a laptop without an alternative app. There are numerous video downloader are available online for downloading video files. Nonetheless, this apk is considered as the most excellent apk because of it’s features. It is designed especially for the smartphones. And additionally, you are able to install it on your desktop. The users are able to watch and download their revered videos in excellent quality anywhere and anytime on their computer. But, you probably will need an Android emulator for installing the Tubemate apk on your PC or Laptop.

The procedure to download the app is very simple and quick. Although there is no direct app for the desktop, you can still get it on your PC. The developers have not launched the Windows version yet but still it is possible to download the app on the computer. You just need to install the Android emulator on the computer and download Tubemate for desktop.

As mentioned above that in order to install Tubemate you have to install an Android emulator at first. Talking about the Android emulator, there are quite a lot of options that exist. For example, you can download Bluestacks, Genymotion, Andy, Bliss and so on. However, it is advisable to install the Bluestacks, as the application is quite easy to use as well as popular with the desktop users.

So you can get the app on the computer and download and watch your favourite videos anywhere.

Tubemate download For Blackberry Mobile Devices

How do you watch videos from YouTube which you also wish to download and watch later on your Blackberry phone? There are a number of options to bookmark them but what when later you don’t have the WiFi connection. So you just need to download the videos so that you may enjoy them later. You just need to download TubeMate which is a very easy and a fast way of downloading the YouTube videos on your Blackberry device in just a couple of taps.

While it is not the native PlayBook application, it runs quite well on PlayBook. Just open the application, look for the videos you wish to download and then tap on the green arrow. You will be given the option of either watching the video or downloading it for watching it later.

If you will choose to download the video you will be given different options regarding the size of the video. Within a couple of moments, the videos would be saved to videos folder on the PlayBook for a better viewing experience. You may even access the list of all the videos that you have downloaded from the app which would come handy in case you have downloaded a lot of videos on your device and wish to watch only the ones which you have downloaded with this app.

Even the modest memory is also suitable for lowest series as well. It is absolutely free and easy to download. It helps in downloading the videos quickly.